International Antichess Federation

International Antichess Federation

Overview and History


The International Antichess Federation (IAF) was founded in October 2020. It acts as a self-proclaimed governing body of Antichess competitions. Its purpose is to develop and popularize the Antichess variant and organize tournaments.


The IAF was founded by Antichess players who are active on Lichess (read about IAF and Lichess here), one of the most popular Antichess servers. The organization was born from the will of the players to have their discipline recognized in the world of international sport. Indeed, the founders want to bring Antichess out of the shadow of traditional chess favored by the internet platforms.


IAF is in charge of organizing Antichess tournaments, in particular, the Liantichess WC (1+2), the Antichess 960 WC, and the Nations League.  Note that the ACWC (2+5) is run seperately, however the IAF still adverstises, supports, follows, records results, and gives norms, recognizing it as an official tournament.  Additionally, the IAF awards titles (Master Candidate, Master, International Master, Grandmaster and Super Grandmaster) to the best players. Read more about Antichess titles here.



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