International Antichess Federation

International Antichess Federation


Here are the antichess YouTube channels endorsed by the IAF:


YourselfAntichess (AGM yourself101010)

If you are looking to improve your antichess, Ten’s series “Antichess Tutorials” takes anyone from complete beginner to a strong antichess players.  Here are a few links to his tutorial series…


Part 1: Rules and Brief History

Part 2: Overlooked Concepts/Ideas

Part 3: All Antichess 2 Piece Endgames

Part 4: Openings for Beginners

Part 5: The Intermediate



Antichess Lore (ACM RTPonting)

If you are looking to improve your antichess knowledge with a compelling story being told behind it, look no further!  This channel has got you covered!  Here are a couple videos you won’t want to miss!


Early Legends

FICS Masters (6-10)

FICS Masters (1-5)

How to Play ‘Losers Chess’