International Antichess Federation

International Antichess Federation

Antichess Titles

An Antichess title is a title given by the International Antichess Federation (IAF) to players based on their performance and rating.

As the majority of Antichess games are played on the platform, we adopted the rating and tournament performance from there. Read more about and IAF.

To qualify for a title, it is required to specify a country player’s profil.

The current titles are:

  • Antichess Candidate Master (ACM)
    Requirements: 2000 rating.
  • Antichess Master (AM)
    Requirements: 2200 rating or 4 AM Norms
  • Antichess International Master (AIM)
    Requirements: 2300 rating or 4 AIM Norms
  • Antichess Grandmaster (AGM)
    Requirements: 2400 rating or 4 AGM Norms
  • Antichess Super Grandmaster (ASGM)
    Requirements: 4 ASGM Norms

You can obtain a norm if you played a minimum of 13 games regardless of the place obtained in the tournament. For swiss tournaments, 9 rounds and a top 3 ranking are required. In addition, the final tournament performance should be more than:

  • 2200 for AM norm
  • 2300 for AIM norm
  • 2400 for AGM norm
  • 2500 for ASGM norm

To apply for a title – go to the following forum: 

Ping soccertan26 and ChangeOpening inserting the tournament link, performance obtained, place you finished, and number of games played.

Title revocation:

The title can be revoked i the following cases:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct. Such behavior will be warned by the IAF representative and if persisted; it will be decided by the the IAF Council.
  • Withdraw without good reason from the 4 major competitions of the IAF (ACWC2 + 5, ACWC1 + 2, ACWC960 2 + 5 and the Annual Super Cup 1 + 2)