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International Antichess Federation

Losing Openings

Here are a list of losing openings for white in antichess, with their corresponding names.  Mind you most of these openings are still very playable.

d4, e4, and d3 can be solved by most humans with minimal study time, being very simple forced mates in 16 and 17, respectively.

Nc3 and Nf3 can be solved by top level players.  When Nf3 is refuted with the top move for the first 2 moves, black has been shown to have an 80% win rate on lichess, and Nc3 after 5 correct move is shown to have a 76% win rate.

Once again however, many of these openings are still quite playable at many levels of play.  For example, Townes-Paycheck (known for playing f4) was a consistent 2200 player in 2019-2020 even though he exclusively played f4 (#-28).  This certainly demonstrates that most openings that provide more problems for black (like Na3 and a3) although unsolved, are still certainly far from solved by humans.

Names of all openings have been used due to a previous naming by FM Arimakat, tolius, or a name that was popularized in the community.



Name Moves Result
Queen’s Pawn Attack 1.d4 #-16
King’s Pawn Attack 1. e4 #-16
Splitian Opening 1.d3 #-17
Polar Bear Attack 1.Nc3 #-26
Atomic Attack 1.Nf3 #-26
Persian Attack 1.f4 #-28
Nagorko Attack 1.h4 #-30
Wolf Opening 1.c3 #-61
Beasely Opening 1.h3 #-69
Avatar Opening 1.f3 #-76
Kitten Attack 1.b4 #-79
Siberian Opening 1.a3 #-110
Steenhuis Attack 1.Na3 #-120