International Antichess Federation

International Antichess Federation

Amsterdam 2024 Event

The International Antichess Federation proudly presents their 3rd over the board live event: the 2024 IAF Antichess World Championship! It is an OPEN EVENT, which means everyone is allowed to participate.

For competitors with the Dutch nationality:

During this event, all Dutch competitors compete for the Dutch National Championship as well as the World Championship. The person with the Dutch nationality who finishes highest in the standings for the World Championship will be crowned the Dutch National Champion.

Date will be 22nd and 23rd of June 2024!


  • Attending this event will cost €20 to sign up. This is for the whole weekend.
  • Total players that can attend this event is 80 players.
  • The tournament has prize money: 30% of total attendance revenue for 1st place, 20% for 2nd place and 10% for 3rd place!
    (Some quick math: with 80 players that means €480 for 1st place, €320 for 2nd place and €160 for 3rd place) & you will get a cup for achieving these places!
  • The tournament has a Swiss system setup, so beat them all, and be the best!
  • The playtime will be 5+8.

Possibility to put up reservations for a large accommodation for groups

UPDATE: Bookings have been done so this option is no longer available for this year!

For this year we’ve set up the possibility to put up a reservation for a large accommodation for groups. Renting a place together is way cheaper than getting a hotel room all by yourself. Get in touch with us by e-mail if you are interested or want more info.


SV De Raadsheer
Kattenburgerstraat 150
1018 JH Amsterdam
The Netherlands


You can download the event booklet as PDF here: Amsterdam 2024 Tournament Booklet.

How to Sign Up:

Please contact Richard and Andre via [email protected] .