International Antichess Federation

International Antichess Federation

Amsterdam Event


The International Antichess Federation proudly presents their first live event: The 2022 Open European Antichess Championship! As it is an open event. It means  that everyone is allowed to play! It doesn’t matter if you live in- or outside Europe!

Date & Location

This event will take place on the 11th & 12th of June 2022.


SV De Raadsheer
Kattenburgerstraat 150
1018 JH Amsterdam
The Netherlands


  • Attending this event will cost €20 to sign up. This is for the whole weekend.
  • Total players that can attend this event is 80 players.
  • The tournament has prize money, 30% of total attendance revenue for 1st place!
    20% for 2nd place!
    10% for 3rd place!
    (Some quick math: with 80 players that means €480 for 1st place)
    €320 for 2nd place
    €160 for 3rd place
  • The best Dutch player will be crowned the National Antichess Champion of the Netherlands and will receive a certificate for this!
  • First place of the tournament will be crowned the Open European Antichess champion and will receive a certificate for this!
  • The tournament has a Swiss set-up, we try to avoid that the same players are paired against each other more than once, so beat them all, and be the best!
  • The playtime will be 8+0.
  • The remaining attendance fee revenue will be used for acquiring cups, certificates and other costs. As a thanks, the remaining money will go to SV De Raadsheer. As we owe them a huge thanks for lending their facility!



It was Lichess user BBLGL who send AbsitOmen a message on a cold November evening asking if he was interested to host an antichess event for a small group of people. Not long after that it was suggested if it could be made bigger! Why not make people all around the world, that share a passion for the great chess variant that is antichess, able to join an event like this? They joined forces with great enthusiasm to realize this great initiative. Asking if the IAF would be interested to host the event in their name, the initiative soon exploded on the Lichess forum and the idea for the first live event hosted by the IAF was born!

Our goal

We want to make this an historical occasion! everyone has the right to enjoy this great event. We aim to make the thrill of this event stay in everyone’s mind forever! Enjoy a drink with your greatest rivals after a day of great antichess matches! Meet your favorite players for the first time!

A big thanks to BBLGL, AbsitOmen, all IAF members and everyone who has helped so far in making this event possible!

How to sign up:

We are still working on a professional sign up format to keep administrational difficulties to a minimum. More info will soon follow!