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International Antichess Federation

Watkins’ Opening

It is widely known through the antichess community that 1.e3 was solved by Mark Watkins by 2016 as a win for white (at least for computers).  The Watkins Opening is most certainly the most popular opening in antichess, and on lichess alone around 65% of all games played have started with 1.e3 .

Watkins’ Opening can be split into a couple of different of different sections, which are all shown on this website.

Openings within the Watkins that have a mate for white in less than 85 are referred to as “Open Games”

Following this, the 4 openings left are all broken into their own categories because of how deep they are with all of their intricacies.  The Modern, Classical, Polish, and Liardet Defenses all have their own section on this website.

All opening names come from FM Arimakat, tolius, or were popularized within the community.  If you notice any openings that do not appear on here that are seen quite frequently, be sure to contact one of the members on the steering committee for more information.