International Antichess Federation

International Antichess Federation

LiAntichess World Cup 2023

LiAntichess World Cup (LAWC 2023) is an official AIF sponsored tournament.

The tournament format consists of four stages:

  1. Qualification: an 8 rounds Swiss tournament between all the participants. The top twelve players on the final rankings will advance to the next stage.
  2. Candidates: a double round-robin tournament, divided in two pools.
  3. Semifinals: a 10 games match between the winners of each candidate pools against the second place player from the opposite pool.
  4. Finals: a 12 game between the semifinal winners. A 12 games match will determine third and fourth places.

The games are played on Lichess with a time control if 1+2.

The complete rules can be read here.


Many thanks to the sponsors of this tournament!

Results & standings

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